St. Louis Ice Dams

image of ice dams formed on a home

What Causes Ice Dams to Form?

Ice damming can become an issue for many homes in the St. Louis area during our winter bouts with the cold. When most people think of ice damming, the envision large ice formations forming at the edges of a roof and slowly growing down the sides of the house as the winter progresses. This vision leads people to incorrectly assume that ice damming occurs due to clogged gutters. Ice damming actually takes place when a home has poor insulation, ventilation or inadequate roofing seals.

A home can have issues with  ice damming because heat is escaping from their home and causing the snow on the roof to melt. As the snow melts, it slides down the roof and is separated from its heat source it will start to re-freeze. This happens once the water gets 6 – 12″ from the roof edge.

The LeafGuard Difference

Standard gutters have difficulty supporting the weight of the ice buildup, and can end up bending, pulling away, or falling off your home. With LeafGuard, we ensure your gutters stay put by securing them every 2 feet instead of  the standard 3 – 5 feet done by most companies. We also ensure the strength of LeafGuard gutters by manufacturing the metal to be 20% thicker than your typical gutter system.

Still Have Doubts?

We know our product is so great that we offer a No Pull-Away and a No Fall-Off warranty. If you ever run into an issue with your LeafGuard gutters being affected by ice damming, we’ll come out and fix them free of change! No stress, no chipping, no paint peels, and no drooping from ice dams!

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